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Any use of this website (https://www.ethereannft.com) or the Etherean NFT smart contract confirms agreement with our Terms & Conditions.

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The Etherean Unicorn Club (Etherean NFT) is a digital collection powered by the Ethereum network. These items should be viewed as digital collectibles and nothing more. No expectation of profits should be derived from this project, the effort of the creators, or the effort or any other third parties. This is not an investment.

This website is an interface allowing participants to purchase the digital collectibles (NFTs). If you do not agree with any terms expressed here, do not use the interface. All use of the site & smart contract is voluntary.

No data is being stored or collected by this site.

Disclaimer of Liability

By agreeing to the Terms of Conditions and usage of the website or smart contract, you hereby release Etherean NFT, its creators, successors, or any other such parties connected to Etherean NFT and waive every current, past, or future dispute that has arisen or does arise relating to Etherean NFT, the website, the smart contract, the Ethereum network, or any other issues, direct or indirect, including third parties. The user acknowledges and agrees that the Ethereum network, NFTs, smart contracts, and standards used by the industry & by Etherean NFT may be subject to bugs, hackings, and thefts. The user acknowledges and agrees that the technology used is inherently risky. The user acknowledges that Etherean NFT has made the smart contract code available for review and due diligence ahead of launching the interface to purchase NFTs, and the user assumes responsibility for reviewing the smart contract. We assume no liability or responsibility for any issues resulting, directly or indirectly, from any such network, smart contract, or other failures.


You may contact us at: ethereannft@gmail.com.

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