The Etherean Unicorn Club

NFTs for Ethereans capturing the history of Ethereum and our community. Attributes that matter to us.

100% of ether from the first 2,000 NFTs minted goes to Web3 public goods.

See provability in our smart contracts.

We are moving!

... to where the fees are low.

Many things have changed since we first envisioned this project. We have always cared about two things. First, we wanted this project to be as accessible as possible. Second, we wanted to be able to add to the project; to continue to tokenize Ethereum's history.

With the layer 2 ecosystem developing, it's finally time. We are excited to share more news in the coming weeks and begin moving forward with the project without sacrificing either of our goals.

crypto winter

Why The Etherean Unicorn Club?

We built the project we wanted to have. Collecting NFTs around attributes and scarcity is a lot of fun, but we wanted to collect something that meant even more.

We wanted something that could represent our experience in this world over the past years, and we knew others would want the same.

Ethereum sets the narrative. We collect it.

Attribute: Liquidity Provider


Following the Ethereum Ethos

We built our smart contracts to be provably, public goods first.

100% of the first 2,000 NFTs minted goes to Web3 public goods funding (to be announced ahead of launch), hardcoded in the smart contract.

We have set up Snapshot strategies to get verifiable feedback from existing NFT holders & Ethereans ahead of launch.

We are using these snapshot proposals and votes to send out (50) Etherean Unicorns after launch.

No hired assassins - 100% designed and developed by the team.


A Merge Approaches...

This project will continue as the history of Ethereum continues. Collection holders will receive new drops and opportunities to participate along the way.


100% of Ether from the first 2,000 NFTs minted is donated to public goods.


10 of the first 100 indivduals to mint will receive an extra Unicorn.

1 of 1s!

Seven 1 of 1 Unicorns will be minted out of the 10,000 Unicorns.

Banner Art

Unicorns with the “Frontier” attribute will win custom banner art.

The Merge

As Ethereum merges, so will the Unicorns. Mint a unicorn and hold on.

What’s Next

Where will Ethereum and the Unicorns go next? Our collectors will have a say.

View our sample collector page.

View our sample API response for interoperability with other devs & crypto projects!

Project Information

The Etherean Unicorn Club was created by a team of two brothers - who have been combining their skills (technical and design) for as long as they can remember.

Give feedback on the project ahead of launch in Discord and on Twitter.

Vote on attributes, community items, and more on Snapshot!

Dev & Concept